Beaver County Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Day 2015
Beaver County Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Day


William Wise

Employer: Range Resources
Job Title: Lease Operator II
High School: Monaca High School (Now Central Valley School District)

I graduated Monaca High School in 1998.  Like most kids,  I always thought I was going to make it through college playing baseball and continue till I made the big leagues.  Then I got into college and realized that wasn’t going to be an option, so I had to decide on what I was going to do for a career.  College classrooms were not for me, and so I knew that sitting in an office for a career wouldn’t fit me either.  So, I decided to leave college and attend the Beaver County Police Academy.  After graduating I got hired by the Monaca Police Department part time and worked with various other departments part time.  After two years of working strenuous hours for little pay I decided to look at departments in other states, and decided to pursue a job with the City of Richmond Police Department in Richmond, Virginia.  I loved being a police officer.  I got to see what that real world was like in a big city.  The problem was it was very hard to make any money.  Now I know that money isn’t everything, but living in the city was very expensive.  Between rent, bills, and car payments, a paycheck didn’t stretch very far.  While visiting my parents one weekend back in Monaca, I ran into a family friend who mentioned that their nephew worked in the oil and gas industry for Range Resources.  I did some research and found that Range was hiring.  I didn’t want to leave that police department, but I know that I wanted something better.  I applied and got an interview with Range.  With the job that they offered me, the health insurance, retirement, and opportunity to work in something revolutionary I decided to make the move.  I was also able to move back home and make a great living in my hometown and near my family.

My experience with Range has been incredible.  From my first day until now, the men and women that I work with have showed me what I need to be successful.  They continue to help me advance my career by providing me the opportunity to learn something new every day.

With the opportunity from Range, I am able to purchase a new home and provide for my family.

As a Lease Operator II in Range Resources’ production department, I am responsible for ensuring that the wells in my assigned area are properly operating and producing gas.   I visit these sites every day and check on all the equipment to make sure it is working properly to maximize gas flow. If I find any equipment not working correctly, it’s my job to repair it.

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Participating Schools

  • Aliquippa
  • ambridge
  • Beaver School District
  • Big Beaver Falls
  • Blackhawk School District
  • Central Valley
  • Ellwood City
  • Hopewell
  • New Brighton
  • Riverside
  • Rochester School District
  • South Side
  • Western Beaver

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